AFDO Scales food safety grants 10x with fluxx grantmaker

The Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) is a professional association that serves food and drug regulators who work to keep food and other consumer products safe through pass-through grant programs. To scale the program, AFDO needed a grants management system with easy cloud access, scalability, and a streamlined grantee experience.

AFDO_round_image.pngThis case study shares how, with Grantmaker, the AFDO team is able to:

  • Streamline their grant process 

  • Provide applicants with a simple way to apply for grants 

  • Scale quickly in order to grant quickly at a much larger scale 

"Within two years we grew our program by 400 percent thanks to the efficiencies we gained with Fluxx Grantmaker. In the first two years, the FDA has given us $450,000 to give away. They increased that to almost $2 million in year three because of how efficient our process was. Over six years the program has grown tenfold." - Art Johnstone, President, Grant Partners LLC.

Learn how Fluxx Grantmaker supports the AFDO. Download the success story today.

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