Watch the highlights from Fluxxcon 2018
HubSpot Video
Opening Remarks
Kerrin Mitchell, Chief Development Officer - Fluxx


Fluxx: The Next Five Years
Madeline Duva, CEO - Fluxx


Keynote: Innovating in Philanthropy
Kristy Gannon, Chief Operations Officer


Day 1 Recap
Kerrin Mitchell, Chief Development Officer - Fluxx
Fireside Chats
A Dual Perspective on Philanthropy
Stacy Palmer - Chronicle of Philanthropy, Tyler Nickerson and Kathy Ko Chin - Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum


Fluxx, The Kresge Foundation, and the Knight Foundation
Dan Schoenfeld, Chief Evangelist - Fluxx, Kris LeCorgne - Knight Foundation and Marcus McGrew - Kresge Foundation


Fluxx, Box.org, Pledge 1%
Madeline Duva, CEO - Fluxx, Bryan Breckenridge - Box and Steven Payne - Pledge 1%


Inside Philanthropy and the Tipping Point Community
David Callahan - Inside Philanthropy and Daniel Lurie - Tipping Point Community



Fluxx is creating a network — for both givers and doers — to bring the proven “network effect” of technology to work into the philanthropic space. We live in a world that is changing both rapidly and dramatically. The public sector can’t always keep up, which is why philanthropy needs to work harder than ever to fill the gaps and improve people’s lives. This taxes the often-stretched resources and operations of those working across the philanthropic ecosystem. Fluxx believes with answer is a network that connects all parts of the philanthropy ecosystem.

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