Want to know how to measure and maximize impact with your grantees?

Join us as we share results from a customer pilot program aimed at developing a more collaborative approach to enhancing philanthropic impact. The webinar will explore findings from both the funder and grantee perspectives.

Dan Schoenfeld Headshot  copy

Dan Schoenfeld is an experienced executive who builds innovative, sustainable tools that benefit the philanthropic sector. Before joining Fluxx, Dan was with the Knight Foundation as Director of Grants & Impact Administration, where he reduced Knight’s grantmaking process to a 24-hour turnaround time among other successes – none of which would have been possible without the right technology.

Guest Speaker

As Fluxx’s Director of Client Success and Support, Kris LeCorgne is committed to serving his community, striving for efficiency, and furthering the impact of philanthropy through operations and technology. Previously Kris was the Director of Grants Administration at the Knight Foundation, where he championed, executed and managed critical operations projects, adopted new systems and created new customer service tools and best practices.